Elope in Turkey by EGG Ltd.

"We had a very beautiful day, planning of the day was spot on. Ms Hayal was very professional and considerate on the day, thank you very much for everything."

All you need is LOVE... and each other!

Shasta & Shabraze

"Our wedding day was fantastic to say the least. Hayal, you really made it simple, easy and memorable. The hotel was superb, it was the nicest, most cozy and unique hotel we’ve stayed at and we’ve been around! The photographer was excellent also, we are exceptionally pleased with our wedding photographs. It really could not have been easier. THANK YOU."

Intimate Weddings

 The fairy tale wedding of your dreams, the princess bride and the knight in shining armour groom, can still be a reality without the trappings and stresses of an elaborate event with a guest list to match. We specialise in helping you to look afresh at your wedding day, at what are the elements which are crucial to you. A bride and groom, a romantic and picturesque location, can be everything you need for your wedding to be perfect.

Nowadays elopements, like so many things, are not what they used to be. Today, a decision to elope can be made for a variety of reasons: perhaps because it is easier or less expensive, perhaps because some loved ones are not able to be involved, or things are complicated, you want your dream setting but some of your loved ones cannot be there. Perhaps because it is more exciting, running away to get married and telling everyone afterwards!  

Whatever your reason, you can be confident that, for us, you, the bride and groom, are paramount and we will do our utmost to ensure that your elopement to this land of magical warmth and romance is truly as you wish it to be. With us, you can make the most of your day and cherish the luxury of it being exactly as you want it to be.


Sepideh & Kevin

"We thought our wedding day was absolutely wonderful!! We were especially impressed with the way in which you were able to accommodate us on such short notice. The flowers and the photographer’s services were just as we needed. We think you did a wonderful job under some unique and difficult circumstances."

Cakes, cars, music, flowers, favours, food, themes and decorations along with compulsory invitations to relatives and friends can be wonderful if that is what you both want for your wedding day and, for many couples, these are essentials and make their wedding day perfect. However, such a wedding is not for everyone. Planning a wedding like this can be very stressful, maybe the most stressful time of your life. Even with the help of expert wedding planners, you still have to make the decisions!

At least twelve months of planning time is usual, and there are so many people to consider, involve and to please, to say nothing of the several thousand pounds starting point.

Jessica & Alexander